Just How Viable is Kindle Fire’s ‘Mayday’ Video Service?

For so long, the call center has been about the phone call and being able to dial out to receive help. Dealing with e-mail, pop-up chats and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been difficult enough for some consumers, let alone throwing video into the mix. For some, trying to work with new software and video cameras might seem like more of a hassle than a help; however, the use of any new technology becomes easier to grasp when an industry thought leader is spearheading it.

Take Amazon’s latest video-centric venture – its new “Mayday” service. This “Mayday” video service is available on the latest version of the company’s Kindle Fire, where it almost instantly assists any user who needs help by providing a live video session with an agent via the simple press of a button.

Amazon has gone on-the-record as noting that within just 15 seconds of pressing the Mayday button, one will be connected to a live agent. Such services are becoming increasingly popular call center solutions, too, and Amazon is surely capitalizing on that realization. In fact, now that the brand is utilizing such services, perhaps it will be easier for call centers to take advantage of the HD video solutions that can provide yet another channel of communication with customers.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to this solution is that the call center agent can physically see exactly what is wrong with the device in question and, in being able to do so, can answer questions most efficiently. Many believe that this type of service has the power to define the future of customer service within the call center. Do you? 

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