Leveraging Multi-Channel Communication to Your Advantage

Companies entrenched in the customer service space should be on the lookout for more innovative and cost-effective ways to provide valuable and profitable interactions. They know that in order to accomplish this, they can no longer solely rely on phone calls as their main form of outreach.

New customer service and call center solutions are constantly being brought to market that are geared towards helping businesses establish effective ways to reach their clients, with multi-channel support systems being a big part of new efforts to provide effective customer services.

Let’s take a look at some elements of a multi-channel support system:


There have been some assumptions that the use of e-mail is starting to decline, but this is absolutely untrue. When it comes to using e-mail, how satisfied a user is with his or her experience is not limited to a specific age group, either. Over 60 percent of users from all generations share that they are strongly satisfied with using e-mail as a main source of communication. This, of course, means that e-mail is a valuable communication tool for call center and customer service communications.


The ability for a customer service representative to actually see the problem at hand is also incredibly important. Perhaps it’s for this reason that one in five U.S. adults have used screen sharing over the past year, and 61 percent were extremely satisfied with their use of this option.

Online chat

ustomers are also increasingly using online chat. In fact, from 2009 to 2012, the use of online chat has risen by almost 15 percent, with satisfaction by users also above 60 percent. 

The use of multi-channel communication options should not be ignored when it comes to the success of customer service operations, as more than 50 percent of individuals appreciate the opportunity to contact companies by methods other than the telephone. 

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