Leveraging Smartphone Purchases and Searches for Improved Customer Service

At its core, the cloud contact center is an inherently Internet-based service (after all, that is where the cloud exists). You’ve done a great job of ditching legacy hardware and moving everything to the cloud. You certainly deserve a pat on the back for making this move; however, a cloud-based facility should also be providing its clients with Internet-based service channels. From Web chat to co-browsing to leveraging your customers’ smartphone use, your organization is missing out if it’s not offering Web-based service.  

Let’s take a closer look at one form of Web-based service: the smartphone. According to a study commissioned by Google, 79 percent of smartphone owners use their phone to help them with shopping and making purchasing decisions; meanwhile, 77 percent use their phone for searches. It’s time to think creatively about how to use this information for both the cloud contact center – and the client’s – benefit.

Having trouble getting your wheels turning? Promotional programs can be a key area of focus, considering that over half of the aforementioned 79 percent use their phone to find coupons. As customers are unquestionably acclimated to using phones in this way, a key strategy would be to learn where customers are finding these coupons and how the business can best integrate itself into this environment to increase both profit and awareness.

As mentioned, in addition to shopping, 77 percent of consumers use their smartphone for Internet searches. Of these users, 88 percent take action upon purchases within the day of the search. Needless to say, increasing your Web presence can dramatically and directly impact sales and client visibility.

At the end of the day, always make sure you’re setting aside enough time to consider how your competitors are using this information, as well as ways that your organization can use it more efficiently. One avenue to take is to develop a Web presence that leads directly to current promotions and incentive offers.

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