Leveraging the Power of the Hybrid Cloud

A cloud contact center solution is the fastest way to turn your contact center into a high-performing customer hub. But what if you could have the best of both worlds: physical and digital? Now you can, with Vocalcom’s new hybrid cloud contact center.In today’s fast-paced market, where technology moves forward at the speed of sound, when it comes to customers, companies must stay ahead of the curve. A hybrid cloud solution offers numerous benefits:

  • It gives you the ability to shift entirely to the cloud or extend your on-premise system.
  • It reduces total cost of ownership while increasing flexibility.
  • Companies can dynamically address market challenges while maintaining robust customer engagement opportunities.
  • Having a hybrid solution lets you maintain control of compliance and security in-house.

With a hybrid solution, you can deliver exceptional sales and customer service anytime, anywhere and from any single source. Your customers can reach out to you through any and all channels, including mobile, while your agents will be able to view all interactions, no matter what channel they come from, together on one screen.The ease of the cloud means your hybrid solution can be up and running in just 24 hours, and agent training is minimal. Even better, with Vocalcom’s Concierge service, customers never have to wait on hold; they can request a callback without the need to repeat any information.Whether your company is large or small; has one single location or multiple locations; or boasts employees who work from home or a mix of both, a hybrid cloud contact center solution can be tailored to fit your exact needs.Click here to learn more about what Vocalcom’s hybrid cloud contact center can do for you.

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