Linking Social Activity to Employee Engagement

The importance of employee engagement strategies cannot be understated. After all, 80 percent of employees say they are dissatisfied in some way with their jobs (and that likely includes someone on your staff). As employee retention and empowerment is one of the key aspects of running a successful cloud contact center, it behooves any organization to think outside the box and consider what avenues of engagement are available other than traditional methods like profit sharing and promises of aggressive growth.

One example of such engagement is the utilization of social network activity and integrating it into existing employee empowerment programs. The proliferation of networking sites such as Linkedin, Yammer, Facebook and Chatter has made social media an easy and refreshing way to encourage employee engagement and, subsequently, retention.

Not sure where to start? In a recent webinar headed by Forrester Research Analyst Sam Stern, it was discussed how Chatter was utilized in the U.S. General Services Administration for employee engagement. It was stated that in such a large organization (over 12,000 employees), it was helpful to know who was succeeding when kudos were given in this online environment.

By using a social network, especially in large organizations, a company can become “smaller” and a broader view of what is going on can be shared across departments and individuals. In the same way that social networking sites can encourage an employee’s personal life, it can be used to improve and give that employee a more personal involvement and investment in his or her employer.

Bolstering employee interaction by going social can create a place for success stories and company-wide initiatives to flourish. This in turn opens up the entire enterprise to all employees encouraging more productive interdepartmental collaboration.

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