Live Online Chat Increases Customer Satisfaction, Survey Says

If you want to keep your customers satisfied, give them live online chat support as part of your call center application suite. That is the latest finding from a recent JD Power & Associates survey. Among wireless carrier customers who contacted their carrier via the online channel, satisfaction was the highest among respondents when online chat was used, the survey found.

Full-service wireless customers who recently contacted their carrier with service questions or issues generated a 786 in overall satisfaction on 1,000 point scale – representing an increase of 31 points from just six months ago.

Simply put, live Web chat is a call center application that can help you achieve higher levels of satisfaction with your busy, on-the-go customers. According to a report by Log Meln and the e-tailing group, one in five shoppers prefer online chat over any other form of communication.Live Web chat:

  • Provides customers with the instant gratification they seek
  • Offers an efficient, cost-effective alternative to live voice support
  • Provides customers additional channel flexibility

Downloading a smartphone app for live Web chat is also in demand. Among non-contract cell phone customers, satisfaction was highest for those who have a support app on their mobile device.With a large percentage – if not, all – of your customers carrying smartphones today, offering a live chat mobile app can help you streamline the support process, making it both quicker and easier for your customers to reach you. And, best of all, customers who use live chat when they are on your website and ready to buy can be closed more quickly with the support you provide.

The proof is in the survey results. Adding live Web chat on your website and through a mobile app to your call center application suite will not only increase customer satisfaction, but will help you create a more direct line to conversions and close more sales.

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