Majority of Call Center Execs Believe They Deliver High Quality Customer Service

We all know that providing stellar customer service is important. This means ensuring a positive customer experience and adopting a multi-channel approach so that your customers are constantly satisfied. Despite these being the top two challenges cited by contact centers today, call center executives are apparently very confident when it comes to the customer service they deliver.

According to a recent survey conducted by Firstsource Solutions at Call Center Week, the “vast majority,” or about 85 percent, or call center execs said that their customer service was either “exceptional” or “good.” These execs were so sure that they were delivering optimum service that only one percent of execs admitted to delivering poor service.

Results from the survey also show:

·         Over one-third (37 percent) of execs cited “ensuring a positive customer experience” as their No. 1 challenge

·         41 percent of respondents said that deficient use of data was the biggest obstacle preventing them from achieving exceptional customer service

·         This is followed by 38 percent of execs who said that a weak customer-to-agent connection was the culprit for poor service

Furthermore, survey results show that converting to a multichannel approach is the biggest challenge facing contact centers today (cited by 35 percent of respondents). Even more, 40 percent of contact centers find it difficult to integrate social media into the call center to establish a solid online relationship with their customers.

Needless to say, the vast majority of call centers today could significantly benefit from call center software that boasts seamless multi-channel support with complete, transparent integration. Whether it’s digital, mobile or social, your customers want to interact with you using the communication channel of their choice. It’s time to rise above these pestering problems being faced in the industry. The time is now to invest in the industry’s best, multi-channel call center software.

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