Make Your Customers Feel Like Number One

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to customer service. In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers are quickly getting used to the idea of customizing their experiences – be it by streaming episodes On Demand on Netflix or marking a song “thumbs-up” on Pandora Radio. So, why should your call center solutions be any different?

The expansion of communication channels to include in-person, phone, e-mail and all sorts of social media has made balancing the personal with the comprehensive quite a feat, and yet this balance has become something of an expectation for consumers. In fact, statistics by consulting firm Deloitte indicates that 71 percent of online customers expect assistance within just five minutes. It sounds high-maintenance, but it’s a testament to the importance of personal customer relations in marketing. In fact, recent research also shows that 75 percent of companies believe that personalization for customers is highly important. Even more, half of those marketers said that personalized content is highly important at the call center in particular, with other key outlets being e-mail, Web, mobile, point of sale and social media.

However, personalized marketing is sometimes easier said than done. While 49 percent of marketers plan on implementing real-time cross-channel personal approaches, only 29 percent are actually doing it. Concerns include too-complex systems, difficult access to real-time data and data privacy issues. It may seem risky to implement in your marketing plan, but if 69 percent of customers say that they are willing to share personal data in order to receive a more personalized service experience, it could be a risk worth taking.

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