Maximizing Your Unified Agent Experience

Retaining great employees – especially great call center agents – is all about respecting their time, helping them be as efficient as possible and feel appreciated for the work that they’re doing. Nothing slows down a call center agent more than waiting to find out if a prospective customer will pick up the phone.The new unified agent is able to utilize unified desktop services to keep track of all previous interactions and activities, as well as any useful information related to the customer in question. Let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial elements of the unified agent experience.Predictive DialingThe advent of predictive dialing quickly changed the game for call center agents, who are now able to contact more prospective customers than ever before and connect more people with products and services. Some of the statistics that back up the predictive dialer’s effectiveness include:·         74 percent contact rate increase·         55 percent up-tick in agent productivity·         32 percent more likely to close a saleSupercharged Contact CenterThe unified agent is able to move at a greater speed than in previous years by utilizing not just phone dialing, but also e-mail, chat, pop-ups, social media (Twitter and Facebook) and a number of other methods. The new supercharged contact center involves agents making the most of their time and being as effective as possible in providing solutions to customers.It is important that every call center manager values his or her agents; however, with the supercharged contact center, it gets easier and easier for agents to rise and meet that level of expectation.

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