McDonald’s UAE deploys Vocalcom New All-in-one Contact Center Technology.

McDonald’s to use Vocalcom Contact Center Technology

McDonald’s is still innovating at all levels even in Delivery. After 2 successful experiences with the Contact Center Technology provided by Vocalcom Contact Center Technology in Lebanon & QATAR, McDonald’s UAE (Regional Office for MEA) continues to trust in Vocalcom Technology to provide a 24/7 Call Center for Delivery.McDonald’s UAE is a 100% UAE company managed and operated locally. Business decisions are made in UAE for UAE.It’s an integral part of the local economy, and provide support at many different levels to local charities, invest in the local workforce, and contribute to developing local suppliers.McDonald’s UAE (Regional Office for MEA) chooses the Contact Center Technology from Vocalcom to improved their business and manage Call Center platform for Delivery integrated to the MDS with Geo-localization & Delivery Tracking.One of the biggest challenges of the customers service, and then the priority in the choice of a Contact Center Technology remains in the power to manage a huge flow of calls by recognizing the customers and their location, also by providing the order to the closest restaurants, ensure a quality survey & tracking of KPI on a real-time flow.Vocalcom provides the Contact Center Technology that allows to handle all types of requests the McDonald’s customers service has to answer day by day :Delivery System Management :

  • IVR
  • Inbound Management
  • Integration with Macdonald Delivery System
  • Integration with Geo Localization System

McDonald’s needed to implement different functionnalities and had ahigh level of requirements regarding the Contact Center Technology deployed. The High availability and redundancy of the platfrom was one of the major requirement. The call center needed functionalities as : inbound, predictive dialer and call back.Vocalcom provides a single, scalable, comprehensive, end-to-end Contact Center Technology, the specific modular functionality of which can be switched on when required.It is a pure software application with a HMP architecture, leveraging SIP, which means it can be integrated into an existing PBX platform or provided as aturn-key solution including telephony platform, being a web-based, multi-tenanted and multi-lingual application.Vocalcom provides its Call Center Technology with ready-made connectors to all of the leading telephony and CRM solutions,with an open API to enable Vocalcom to build a connector for any other specific requirements.

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