Measuring Employee Engagement in the Modern Contact Center

A key aspect of running a successful business involves maintaining and strengthening the resources that a company already possesses. Along with the prevention of churn, employee retention is just as, if not more, important. For call centers, improving employee retention means more than just saving paperwork – it means a more reliable infrastructure of engaged employees, as well as significant cost savings.  

The idea of an engaged employee is an important one; it means having employees that are excited about their work, care about the quality of their work, care about the company they work for and are enthusiastic about furthering the goals of the brand. An engaged employee is an obvious boon to any organization.

In a recent Forrester Research blog, analyst Sam Stern notes a few helpful metrics for gauging and informing employee engagement. Asking these of your contact center agents – be it virtual, in-house or cloud contact center employee – will hopefully shed light on a few unique ways to improve the employee experience.

·         Are employees supported by direct managers, and do they have faith in their competence?

·         Do employees have confidence in the company they work for and support the vision of the company?

·         Are there opportunities for growth and career development within the company?

·         Is the employee empowered in his position, including a balance of work and personal life?

·         Is the employee rewarded and recognized for his or her work and contribution?

By asking these questions and measuring the responses of employees, fostering engagement becomes a much easier process, ultimately forming the symbiotic company-employee relationship that every contact center leader dreams of.

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