Mobility and Social Media Are Key Ingredients to Accelerating Profit

Today, you can do just about anything from your smartphone – from ordering a pizza to scheduling a conference call to buying a new pair of jeans. In fact, mobile Internet use is estimated to exceed desktop usage by 2015.

In a recent survey of 500 consumers, Yesmail Interactive measured just how mobile use impacts consumer shopping patterns and how we interact with brands through social media. According to the findings, 21 percent of all traffic to e-commerce websites is derived from mobile. Additionally, 42.9 percent of shoppers using a smartphone or tablet shop online at least once a month, while 16.5 percent shop online at least once a week.

Yesmail also found that mobile users are more likely to purchase an item based on promotions via their mobile phone:

  • 41 percent of survey respondents made a purchase based on a promotion they received via e-mail on their mobile phone
  • 37 percent made a purchase because of a social media promotion while browsing their phone
  • 63 percent compared in-store price-points to Web price-points
  • Only 47 percent looked for a product review in store

In terms of social media, 26.9 percent of participants are more likely to interact with brands on social media, with Facebook being the No. 1 social media network, boasting 58.7 percent usage rate. Mobile phone users were also more likely to comment on a brand’s Facebook page and 25.4 percent asked a friend for a product recommendation. 

Now for the golden question: What does this all mean for companies looking expand their customer base?

Well, with consumers glued to their smartphones, businesses would be wise to implement a multi-channel approach to customer service – something that robust virtual call center software can easily do. Virtual call center software supports both mobile and social media as communication channels for customer engagement, and with multi-channel customer service poised for exponential growth, this will undoubtedly help your business reach more customers, and in turn, drive sales.

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