Mobility in the Virtual Call Center

The bottom-line is unquestionably important for any call center hoping to gain new customers and retain those that they already have. So, what can call center managers do to strengthen that bottom line? Simply put, know the difference between ease of experience and satisfaction, which often comes down to the experience customers have when they reach the call center.

With 56 percent of American adults now using smartphones, mobile interactions have become a huge part of any effective call center. By implementing a great mobile solution, you’re able to work towards retaining more customers and solidifying their loyalty to your brand.

Mobile App Revolution

There is, in fact, an app for just about everything. An increasing number of companies, including banks, airlines and insurance agencies, are now offering mobile applications for customer care.

It’s important for your virtual call center to automatically capture, route, manage, integrate, orchestrate and report on all mobile interactions, both inbound and outbound. In an ideal virtual organization, solutions should not just be ideal for the call center agent, but for the customer, as well. In the case of mobile utility, customers should be able to have an equally convenient and thorough experience, whether on a desktop or mobile version of your company’s website or through any applications that your contact center may offer.

Integration is Key

By effectively looking at each communication method at the mobile user’s disposal – be it phone, e-mail, chat or social media – your virtual call center agent’s single user interface can help integrate prior knowledge of each particular customer’s experience, empowering the rep to offer more targeted, specific and overall helpful service.  

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