Most Brands See Social Media Potential, but Still Don’t Use It

Research continues to point to the potential for social media to accelerate business operations, and yet the numbers continue to roll out showing that businesses are not using social media as part of their communications efforts. A recent survey commissioned by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that companies are increasingly “starting to think about” how to improve communications with social media. Yet, despite this, they have trepidations when it comes to leveraging the power of social media to do so.

The last thing your call center should be is hesitant when it comes to establishing a strong social media presence. Why? Because one-third of customers prefer social media for contacting companies or brands as opposed to the telephone. Not only this, but 73 percent of top performing companies say they want to invest in social media monitoring to improve their customer service, according to market research firm Gleanster.

The survey results also show that most businesses see social media as a prime tool for crisis management efforts, and yet they fail to leverage it as such. Meanwhile, leading disaster relief and emergency preparedness organizations like the Red Cross have been known to rely on social media for relief efforts, as well as offering wide-spread support. Consider the fact that during disasters, social networks now often replace 911 as the go-to source for communicating help.

Using social media to raise awareness, locate survivors and more can translate to the business front. Call center software boasting advanced social media support can alert your customers of your campaigns, initiatives and how they can play a role – whether it’s raising funds for disaster relief or informing your Twitter followers about an exclusive offer. Social media has more potential than you may know.

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