Multiple Channels Are No Longer a Luxury, They’re a Reality

Back in 2007, apparel retailer J. Crew uncovered that its multi-channel customers spent twice as much money as its single-channel customers. Six years ago, that was a revelation; today, it’s the de facto standard. Today, it’s no longer an option for customers to use more than one channel to interact with companies, it’s a reality. For instance, a customer researching a car online before taking a test drive or ordering a product through his or her smartphone and then picking it up in the store. It happens far more often than you may think.

The same behavior applies to the contact center. Consumers have a variety of preferences in how they want to be communicated with – including phone, fax, e-mail, text, Web chat, video and social media. With the 21st century consumer, being available through multiple channels is no longer a luxury, it is simply the price of entry for any company that wants to do business with them.

The key difference between yesterday and today, however, is that customers won’t put up with gaps in this relationship. They want and expect one, cohesive high-quality experience no matter how they interact; how it happens should be invisible to them. 

Vocalcom’s all-in-one unified cloud communications solution via Salesforce enables your company to guarantee this relationship with customers. Using an automatic dialer built specifically to run in Salesforce, contact center reps can reach hundreds of leads and customers in a fraction of the usual time.

They will have access to complete caller history from every channel in a single view and the information they need to close the call will be at their fingertips, and in an intuitive format to help them make quick, relevant decisions. Long gone are the days of agents having to deal with multiple screens, reports and logins.

Providing a seamless, channel-agnostic experience is what customers expect today. With Salesforce – the world’s largest CRM solutions provider, you will be able to give prospects and customers what they want while seeing higher agent productivity, faster first contact resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

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