Navigating Next Steps in Call Center Software

Whether working from a brick and mortar building or as a virtual call center agent, call center software has always been at the core of successfully helping agents do their jobs, making sure that customers and consumers alike receive the quickest and most helpful responses to their inquiries.

More and more, social media is becoming the go-to solution for consumers. According to a study headed by Steven Van Belleghem, a majority of customer now expect a faster response from businesses on Facebook or Twitter than through a website or via e-mail. This research also shows, though, that any issues associated with website and e-mail interaction are just one part of the component.

The lesson here? Call center managers should be most concerned with implementing call center software that will automatically capture, route, integrate and manage those Twitter and Facebook requests as quickly as possible.

The Social Media Preference

“People aren’t talking to you, they are talking about you over social social, so it’s an entirely different way of engaging with customers,” said Paul Stockford, president and chief analyst for Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Saddletree Research. “There is general recognition that the next generation of consumers [is] going to have a preference for doing things over social media.”

When it comes to what call center software your agents are utilizing, it’s vital that all interactions are managed through one single modern user interface, allowing for multiple channels to be utilized during one seamless experience.

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