Need-to-Know Info for Taking Your Service Center From Standard to Stellar

Research continues to prove the success of treating customers more like you would your very own friends and family. For example, in a recent Customer Experience Impact (CEI) report from Oracle, over half of customers said that brands have fallen short due to impersonal service, where some say that the company can’t even get the customer’s name right. This push for personalized service has paved the way for what many call center leaders are calling the evolution of the contact center to the “relationship hub.” And, as it turns out, getting your customer service from just okay to outstanding requires this transition taking place.

So what is a relationship hub? As opposed to a standard call center, which handles large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, a relationship hub dives deeper into customer interactions to gain critical business and analytical insight. The end goal is to unearth rich and previously unknown information that helps accelerate customer service strategies alongside the call center software being used, identifying opportunities for long-term, game-changing improvement.

One major tip to help you get your existing facility to “Relationship Hub” status is to go above and beyond standard analytics. By focusing on the smaller, more granular details, you’ll find that the larger picture will become clearer than day.

For example, let’s say you’re a software vendor and you pick up on some customers having issues downloading the product onto their PC’s. You could just resolve those few perceived “isolated” issues, or you could examine things more thoroughly. All of a sudden, you find that the issue has been experienced by thousands of customers, generating hundreds of thousands of support calls to your service center. Thanks to an in-depth analysis, you decide to make the download free and, subsequently, improve your customer service ratings.

The littlest of things can make all of the difference. What else would you add to turn your existing facility into a state-of-the-art relationship hub?

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