Need-to-Know Mobile Usage Statistics for Strengthening Contact Center Engagement

Mobile technology continues to advance, break barriers and redefine the state of customer service and engagement for the hyper-connected contact center. Managers need to be constantly aware of the ever-changing mobility landscape and the ways in which they can improve their offerings in order to achieve higher satisfaction rates. In light of this, leading industry research firm Pew Internet revealed a list of need-to-know statistics about mobile usage and behavior that should prove plenty helpful for mapping out your contact center success.

As of May 2013:

  • 67 percent of cell phone owners check their phone for messages, alerts or calls even when the phone isn’t ringing/vibrating
  • 44 percent of people have slept right beside their cell phone so as to not miss any important calls or messages throughout the night
  • 29 percent of cell phone owners say that they “can’t imagine living without” their mobile devices
  • 59 percent of men own a smartphone while 52 percent of women are smartphone owners
  • 80 percent of those aged 18-29 own a smartphone, compared to only 18 percent of those over 65 years-old
  • As of April 2012, 55 percent of adult cell phone owners used their device for Internet access – a figure that has nearly doubled when compared to 2009 figures
  • While on the Internet, cell phone users say that they primarily browse the Web, exchange e-mails and download apps
  • In April 2012, 72 percent of cell phone users experienced dropped calls “at least occasionally”
  • 68 percent of cell phone owners say that they received unwanted sales or marketing calls in 2012

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