New Research Reveals the Growing Role of Cloud Analytics for Gaining Customer Insight

Many call center managers and leaders are well aware of the benefits and competitive advantages afforded by predictive technology, including predictive analytics and dialers. But now, new research is showing that taking this technology to the cloud – such as cloud predictive analytics or a hosted predictive dialer – will yield even better results, especially when it comes to gaining highly-coveted customer insight.

According to a Decision Management Solutions’ cloud predictive analytics survey commissioned by Jim Ericson and James Taylor during a “Predictive Analytics in the Cloud 2013 – Opportunities, Trends and the Impact of Big Data” webinar (originally published by Forbes):

  • Customer analytics (72 percent), followed by supply chain, business optimization, marketing optimization (57 percent), risk and fraud (52 percent), and marketing (58 percent) represent the four areas in which respondents reported the strongest interest.
  • When the customer analytics responses were analyzed in greater depth, they showed most interest in customer satisfaction (50 percent) followed by customer profitability (34 percent), customer retention/churn (32 percent), customer management (30 percent), and cross-sell/up-sell (26 percent).
  • Adoption was increasingly widespread and growing. In fact, over 90 percent of respondents said that they planned to deploy one or more type of predictive analytics in the cloud.
  • Industries with the most impact from predictive analytics include retail (boasts 13 percent more than average), finance (12 percent) and hardware/software (4 percent). Conversely, industries that have fallen behind include health care delivery (-9 percent), insurance (-11 percent) and – perhaps shockingly – telecommunications at -33 percent. 


Interested in learning more about cloud and hosted predictive technology? Click here to read Forbes’ article in full.

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