New Research Shows How Vital Customer Internet Connectivity Is

Today, we use the Internet for just about anything. Whether we’re surfing the Web, online shopping or keeping up with friends on social networks, we involuntarily lean on the Internet to do so. Did you know that most customers actually prefer to use the Web to contact businesses about questions or inquiries? It’s true, strongly supported by new research revealing that customer Internet connectivity is currently more vital than ever.As a call center agent, do you ever wonder how much time your customers spend on the Internet? According to a new infographic by TP-Link, 50 percent of people dedicate more time to the Internet than to sleep or food. If your customer chooses the Web over food and sleep, you had better be taking advantage of this opportunity. As a result, the contact center space is seeing increased emphasis placed on the Web-based contact center. If you haven’t considered the importance of this type of contact center solution, it may be worth your time looking into it, especially if you’re searching for ways to improve your online customer experience.The Web is so influential in our lives that it has a way of even improving our everyday mood:

  • One-quarter of people feel a greater ‘sense of belonging’ with Internet connectivity.
  • 51 percent of people established “improved friendships” thanks to Internet access.
  • 82 percent of people say they feel frustrated or angry when they lose Internet connection.

As a call center manager or executive, you look for different ways to improve customer and call center experience every day. Today, it may be worth your while to take advantage of the Web just like your customers do. Upgrading to a Web-based contact center can help you establish better relationships with your customers and help promote a better sense of belonging with your company. To learn more about how Vocalcom can help you become more of a Web-based contact center, click here.

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