New Study: PaaS Market to Explode by 2017

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is part of the vast market that is cloud technology, and, just as cloud adoption is on the rise, so is PaaS. When looking at what technology to use and in what ways to invest in your company, it is especially important to notice trends in the market and to analyze why those trends are occurring. PaaS is certainly a viable cloud solution to consider, as it is set to explode by 2017.

According to new research from IDC, the PaaS market was only valued at $3.8 billion in 2012; however, it is expected to reach $14 billion by 2017. This is due to companies wishing to streamline and simplify application development and to cut down on their overall costs.

PaaS is simply a method of utilizing the cloud and is generally grouped with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). PaaS is a model where, like its name suggests, offers a platform on which to develop a company’s software infrastructure that is used to run applications. The actual hardware and base infrastructure is developed and maintained off-site by a third party. It is popular and gaining traction because it is reliable, simple and adaptive to the specific needs of the company using it.

This technology is especially important and effective when used in cloud contact centers. The benefits that are offed by PaaS cloud solutions allow the company utilizing them to customize the system to their exact specifications. This includes the ability to correctly allot resources so that the company can maximize its cloud usage in a personal way, as well as lower overall infrastructure costs and simplify day-to-day tasks. 

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