Nobody Likes a Tiresome Telemarketing Campaign

Every day, we hear of telemarketing tragedies involving the abused or overzealous use of telemarketing software for soliciting prospects and making sales. Just do a simple Google Web search and the results will speak for themselves. Of course – as we all know – prospective customers feel disrespected and taken advantage of when this happens. No one likes it when their personal territory has been invaded, and that’s exactly what happens when a telemarketing campaign goes awry.

Think about it. Some customers may never get early morning phone calls, so when they hear that phone ring, they can feel a wave of apprehension. To them, your simple telemarketing call may signal family trouble or even danger. Meanwhile, other customers may eat dinner on the earlier side, making that 5 PM call a nuisance when your manager may be thinking its prime time for prompting sales.

As a telemarketing company, you aren’t waiting for customers and prospects to come to you. You’re reaching out to them in the personal confines of their home – needless to say, you can easily miss the mark if this process isn’t handled delicately and with sensitivity.

Don’t get us wrong, you should certainly be invested in increasing the speed and efficiency of your telemarketing campaign; however, at the same time, you don’t want your strategy to wear itself out. Your customers are the heart of your telemarketing software and strategy, and so every decision you make should revolve around their satisfaction. It’s not the easy route to take, but it’s always the right one.

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