Non-Traditional Solutions Improve Call Center Volume by Up to 400 Percent

Recent studies have confirmed what people are experiencing and seeing on a daily basis – that the use of network devices is on the rise. In fact, the number of network devices such as smartphones and computers are expected to be twice as much as the global population in a few years. What does this have to do with call center operations? It’s important for companies to offer services that are compatible with the technology customers are using.

Sometimes businesses might be hesitant to incorporate new technologies for budgetary reasons; however, implementing a virtual call center can actually be an effective cost-reducing solution. Vocalcom provides more than one service that can help a company effectively and efficiently set up these types of remote call centers.

Improve call volume

When a company decides to take its call center into the virtual realm, it’s already opening up the possibility for more flexible hours. With the software that Vocalcom provides, call center operators can avoid manual dialing through features such as predictive dialers.

Increase productivity

It’s no secret that time is money. So, why not make time work to your advantage, regardless of where your employees are physically located? With the technology Vocalcom delivers, it’s possible to increase the time actually speaking with prospects by as much as 400 percent.

Campaign Management

Handling customer service inquiries from multiple locations isn’t an issue, either. Our software boasts powerful, thorough Web monitoring and automated outbound dialing to connect agents and address as many live answers as possible.

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