Not All Callers Are the Same: Your Service Shouldn’t Be Either

From predictive dialers to power dialers, there is a tendency for the agent to try and be as productive as possible. All of that is great, but at the end of the day, it’s important that clients who have consistently returned are treated especially well.

As helpful as an agent can be to a client, there is always a gnawing feeling that without the extra support to show that a business really cares, perhaps better service could be found elsewhere. By going that extra mile in caring for your most valued customers, you’re not only retaining your most important clients, but you’re establishing yourself with a reputation as being fiercely loyal to those who have been loyal to you.

One way to achieve this is by linking your existing CRM dialer to Saleforce.com CRM data, which will enable you to more precisely recognize high-priority and low-priority queries. Agents will then get a CRM pop-up informing them of every pertinent piece of information about an inbound caller.

In this way, if a client calls that has been on the line 20, 50 or 100 times before, he or she will not feel as though they are a stranger or just a number. Information about all prior calls are right there on the screen, allowing the agent to make sure the client feels welcome and, just as importantly, that every concern is addressed as quickly as possible.

By using a CRM dialer to push hot prospect to the front of the line and give VIP customers priority treatment, businesses have found that they can improve their close rate by 32 percent. Are you ready to see this improvement in your service center?

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