Omnichannel is the Key to Driving Super Agent Success

In the modern-day contact center, customer service agents are accustomed to engaging with customers on numerous channels. With the prevalence of social media networks and technologies such as SMS, chat, and video—in addition to older but equally important channels such as voice and email–customers are able to reach businesses in numerous ways whenever they need technical support, wish to make a purchase, or simply need to obtain more information.With the myriad channels agents are expected to handle these days, their multitasking ways have led to the rise of a kind of “super agent,” or an agent who strives to handle all channel interactions with maximum efficiency when there are numerous inbound interactions coming in at once and several windows open on the desktop. In order to facilitate the numerous interactions taking place in contact centers, brands are therefore increasingly turning to omnichannel software solutions for their contact center agents, as such solutions organize information efficiently and enable agents to handle multiple channels seamlessly without losing time or degrading the quality of the customer experience. In addition, omnichannel strategy adopts the perspective of the customer by delivering a seamless and consistent message across all channels, allowing a customer to begin a transaction on one channel or on one device and move to another fluidly without losing a quality customer service experience.An Aberdeen report found that employing an omnichannel strategy allows businesses to achieve an 89% customer retention rate while growing company revenue by 9.5% year after year. When companies optimize their service across all channels and properly train agents to master the processes and systems of an omnichannel desktop solution, customers are poised to experience greater satisfaction while brands are able to drive sales. Businesses are also able to collect data from their customers by tracking how and when they interact across channels, gaining excellent insight from which they may develop best practices. In addition, employees in retail settings are better prepared to work efficiently with clients when armed with devices such as tablets which provide quick and easy access to customer data.With Vocalcom’s omnichannel software solution,every agent can be a super agent and deliver personalized customer experiences in a real-time context. The solution offers a single interface for managing all customer interactions while providing the rich functionality of ACD with fast and smart routing, IVR, CTI screen pop, and the latest technologies and capabilities on the market – from multi-channel self-service to real-time customer feedback to proactive outbound solutions and a new mobile API. The solution is easy to implement and enables agents to provide customers a better experience with faster and more responsive service by moving efficiently between social media, mobile care, live chat, email, and voice calls. With simplified call management, complete call monitoring, and scalability, companies experience reduced average handling time while also improving customer effort scores. In addition, features such as skills-based routing and prioritized calls improve first contact resolution rates, while queue callback routing gives customers the option to receive an agent callback when their position arrives at the front of the queue so as to save them valuable time. Contact centers can further simplify day-to-day management by managing reportings, flows, agents and their skills, as well as quickly adapting to market changes that can impact business. And whether agents are on a desktop or on the go, the solution provides everything needed to be more productive, drive sales, and satisfy customers.In order for agents to meet their maximum efficiency and deliver the best customer engagement possible as true “super agents,” brands may benefit from equipping their contact centers with a robust omnichannel software solution that delivers just that. Learn more about Vocalcom omnichannel software solutions for greater customer engagement and satisfaction

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