One of the key success factors for Home Service is the Call Center high performance: in this scope, LibanPost acquired the Vocalcom solution.

LibanPost Acquires the Hermes.Net Solution

“LibanPost is relatively a young postal operator, established in 1998, privately owned, in charge of operating the postal sector. Since its inception, LibanPost embarked on a massive rehabilitation and diversification program, to insure a constant growth. In this perspective, the company offers today more than 100 services, covering mail and express, financial and insurance services, retail and merchandizing activities, business solutions, e-commerce, and governmental formalities services. LibanPost provides services that are crucial for every citizen or resident in Lebanon, and the company Call Center plays a key role in: – Providing needed information for all products & services range – Answering tracking inquiries for mail and government formalities – Recording various claims and complaints – And recently, ordering Home Services The Call Center has also outbound activities, mainly to verify/update clients addresses in support to the Distribution Unit; this activity is vital for the quality of mail delivery. LibanPost is now focusing on the Home Service activities, whereby post office services can be provided at the customer’s premises. Home Service is a strategic move as it represents a competitive advantage for the company. One of the key success factors for Home Service is the Call Center high performance; in this scope, LibanPost acquired the Hermes.NET solution for its contact center.”

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