Optimizing Your Existing Mobile Call Center Software This Holiday Season

Did you know that this year’s holiday season falls a few days shorter than the average? Specifically, the 2013 holiday season is six days shorter than the norm, making this a particularly stressful one for retailers worldwide. In fact, according to a survey commissioned by Adobe Digital Index, this could cost retailers up to $1.5 billion in lost sales.

Because of this, big name brands like Walmart and Target have already begun pushing out their highly-coveted Black Friday sales, and companies like Macy’s and J.C. Penny have decided to open their doors this Thanksgiving for the first time ever. “Promotional activity will be bigger, earlier and [noisier],” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index.

For call centers, this will undoubtedly mean more traffic and callers than ever. One way to appease this influx of customer service interactions is by leveraging the power of mobility. Equipped with call center software that supports mobile interactions and usage, your customers will see a world of a difference in the way that they’re serviced.

Did you also know that according to the National Retail Federation, online sales are projected to increase by 15 percent this holiday season? Remember, the vast majority of call center interactions start with customers visiting company websites. Even more, research shows that 70 percent of smartphone owners are online while they’re in store, and 89 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping online. Companies should be capitalizing on customers’ continued use of smartphones for Internet-browsing – it’s a sure-fire way to see serious growth.

Mobile call center software enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds and, of course, encourage your customers to spend more this shorter holiday season.

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