Out with the Old, In with Great Customer Service Technology

In developing and effectively managing a cloud contact center, it is important to be able break down the current ecosystem that is being utilized by today’s enterprise. This especially rings true when considering the types of technologies that are in use and at what phase they are in. To properly serve customers – the most important aspect of any contact center – eliminating or reorganizing ineffective technologies is absolutely necessary.

In a recent blog series, top industry analyst Forrester Research breaks down the phases of technology into four categories, the last of which is the declining phase. As it sounds, these are technologies that are being used less and less or are even being replaced altogether by alternative technology solutions. Seeing how the contact center world revolves around the customer service sun, the importance of keeping all technologies relevant and up-to-date with the current climate of the industry cannot be understated.

So, what’s the reason behind this decline of certain technologies, from the outdated to the poorly implemented? In some cases, these technologies might still have a place of importance, yet they may need to be repurposed. It is paramount that cloud contact centers be aware of the state of the technologies they employ, especially when considering the ever-changing environment that cloud technology exists in.

As an example, computer telephony integration (CTI) as its own technology category has been on the decline. Instead of completely abandoning this technology, though, it is instead being integrated into automatic call distribution (ACD) systems. By combining the two, enterprises are recognizing declining technology and using it to make a flourishing technology more robust.

At the end of the day, the importance of recognizing declining technology is nothing short of vital to the overall efficiency of an enterprise. Streamlining and keeping a company’s line of client communications efficient will open the doors to make maintaining effective customer service all the easier.

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