Over Half of Contact Center Managers Feel There is No Need for Multi-Channel Service

Customers continue to crave a broader set of reliable service channels. They want to use the kind of channels that they’re using in their personal lives. This fact has been made clear over the years, but then why is it that some businesses do not comply? As one of today’s most trusted providers of multi-channel customer service solutions, we’ve decided to delve a bit deeper into this topic – and what we’ve found is astonishing.

In a recent Vocalcom survey of contact center managers and customer service directors, only 4 percent of respondents considered the telephone the quickest way to contact a company and only 8 percent felt that the telephone was the most convenient. This undoubtedly calls attention to the customer’s desire for service that is both convenient and quick.

If companies are hearing this call to attention loud and clear, then why are they remaining stagnant?

When asked what is preventing companies from offering more customer service channels, responses included:

  • 32 percent claim they already offer enough channels of contact
  • 30 percent say their technology currently doesn’t allow them to offer multiple service channels
  • 20 percent believe there is not enough demand for other channels
  • 8 percent say they are too busy serving the channels they already have to take up new ones

In conclusion, over half of our respondents felt that there is no need to offer multiple channels for customer engagement – whether it’s because they felt that there is no demand, because they already offer a robust service experience or because of technological obstacles.

This means that you have an amazing opportunity to leverage mobile, social and other types of advanced customer support to gain a stronger foothold in the market. Consider that 50 percent of smartphone users prefer to use a mobile customer service app to resolve their service issue before calling into a contact center and that customers who engage with companies over social media spend an average 20-40 percent more money with them.

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