Partnering with the Right Stakeholders, Driving Transformation

Achieving a company transformation is no easy task. It requires everyone to work collaboratively toward a common goal, which means removing silos and building cross-functional teams. Whom should you collaborate with to achieve maximum transformation success in your call center?We suggest starting with a buy-in from the top (this includes the CEO and CFO, for the go-ahead and the budget dollars). And, since customer service is just one aspect of a complete customer lifecycle, you will need to work in concert with the marketing and sales teams to put together the pieces of your single vision. Finally, secure support from the IT staff, since transformation usually requires a rework of processes and technologies.You also will need buy-in from the staff, because they are the ones who are going to implement it. Hold meetings with your staff to:·         Inform and excite them about every detail of the goals and processes·         Solicit their thoughts and opinions (this is critical to achieving their buy-in)·         Train them to participate and, as much as possible, lead the transformationRemember to take some risks. Many organizations try to limit disruption in the call center by taking small steps; however, small steps achieve small results. Here are three ways that the right call center software can make all the difference in the customer service you deliver:1.) Go virtual. Virtual call center software maximizes efficiency by allowing your company to hire the best agents without being limited to location; offer more flexible call center hours by securing staff across multiple time zones and countries; as well as facilitate easy online training.2.) Move to the cloud. By putting your call center software in the cloud, you can interact with your customers through any channel they choose while providing seamless, high-value service across all channels. Of course, this is at an efficient cost, too.3.) Embrace mobile. Equip and train your agents to work with customers who are midstream in the e-commerce process and have questions, or who may be at risk of abandoning their order.Change is necessary but should be done for the right reasons. Ready to see your call center transformation commence? Click here to learn more about how the Vocalcom team can help you achieve your customer goals.

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