Peru’s Contact Center Industry Shows Extreme Potential

As the contact center industry continues to expand worldwide, Peru has proven that it won’t be left behind. According to Associacion Peruana de Centros de Contacto (APECCO), in 2012 alone, Peru’s contact center industry grew an impressive 17 percent.

As demonstrated in this infographic by Nearshore Americas, of particular interest was the growth of Peru’s export sector, which increased by more than 14 percent. Offshore revenues accounted for 42 percent of business – an increase from 35 percent from back in 2010. This comes despite the crippling recession experienced by Spain, Peru’s largest export market.

The export market also managed to overcome the setback of being unable to take full advantage of the U.S. business due to a lack of an English-speaking workforce and a difference in currency value, as Sol has risen more than 12 percent against the U.S. dollar.

“Peru’s currency (sol) has been rising against the U.S. dollar for the past two years, dealing a heavy blow to our export sector. Yet the call center industry has managed to keep up the growth momentum,” Guy Fort, president of APECCO, was quoted in the infographic as saying.

Not only has Peru’s export market seen improvement, but its call centers have also expanded across the country. While headquarters were previously concentrated solely in the capital of Lima, smaller centers are now emerging in smaller provinces such as Trujillo and Chichlayo.

In light of its success, Peru has quickly become the hot bed for Spanish call operators. It seems this popularity will only further grow as business managers continue to bring their call center solutions and operations to this region. Contributing to this, analysts say, is the fact that wages in Peru are 25 percent cheaper than neighboring countries like Chile. In fact, the Latin Business Chronicle wrote that from 2009-2010, Chile lost close to 1,500 call center jobs to Peru.

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