Plan your future. Making 2016 count.

So, another year is over, and a new one just begun. But will you make 2016 really count for you and your company?

Time is money, and to make a difference this year you really must make the most of your time. It’s not about working harder, but smarter. How many times have you heard that statement? Have you ever put it into practice?

There are three areas that I would suggest you need to focus on :

    • Your Companies goals and targets
    • Your Team/Department/Divsion’s goals and targets
    • Your Personal goals and targets

It would be nice if they all aligned, but realistically there are going to be some differences. An easy to implement solution to time management follows, but as with most things, keeping it simple is often the best way forward.

  1. List out the goals and targets of the three areas mentioned above. (Let’s say there are 10 unique goals and targets but you could list more.)
  2. Score them on a 1-10 matrix for each of the three areas. (1-15 if you have more targets listed). For example, a new Contact Centre might rate as a 5 for the company, a 10 for your department, and a 7 for you personally. It will score a total of 22.
  3. The top scorers are the areas you must focus on. (They may be the same across the three areas making focus areas easy to recognise, equally so, the low scorers are the areas to spend less time on)
  4. Set aside an appropriate amount of time for the top scorers and bottom scorers, which leaves you the time to spend on the majority of tasks in the mid range area. Remember these will be more tasks “in number” but may not be worthy of more time than your top focus areas. Be realistic and make sure you work on the right focus areas for you, your team, and your company.
  5. There are only “so many working hours” in a day. You set the number of hours that you are prepared to spend on work so don’t “work harder, work smarter”. Set aside regular time slots for regular tasks. It may sound boring or mundane, but if you don’t allocate the time you won’t achieve the results.

A couple of points to note are that you should never spend too much time on the low scorers, but do not ignore them. They have a habit of creeping up the charts and becoming important. Always be prepared to change as today’s most important targets may become yesterday’s broken dreams. Priorities do change at all levels. If you can, don’t be afraid to delegate. A problem shared…

Last but certainly not least is “dare to dream”, as your ideas and personal developments might become company policies. If you believe a new system or process will help you, your team, and your company then have the courage of your convictions and follow the dream.

Not all ideas come to fruition, but many more don’t see the light of day. Give your ideas and dreams a chance and make 2016 really count.

Roy Holmes, Vocalcom

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