Positioning Your Company as a True Customer Support Center

Customer service is quickly becoming an enterprise that involves more than handling a customer’s question over the phone. With the public having practically 24/7 access to what a company provides via visiting the store and shopping online, the methods customers use or prefer to use to communicate with companies has developed to meet their immediate needs.

It’s important to consider that in this e-commerce world, businesses must utilize outlets that their customers prefer when trying to not just provide excellent customer assistance, but also embrace new e-commerce customers. These are just a few ways that companies can empower their employees to provide stellar customer service. Recently, Salesforce released an infographic revealing top ways to utilize e-commerce and other technological strategies to get the job done. Let’s take a look at three of them:

·         Offering multi-channel support

·         Listening on social media

·         Creating a support center for customers

By offering multi-channel support, companies succeed in widening their breadth of not just how many customers they can communicate with, but the quality of the customer service experience. For example, if a customer who prefers to communicate via phone is able to reach a company such as Salesforce through this medium, then all is well. But if another customer prefers to communicate with a company via Web chat and this medium is unavailable, then the customer interaction is already unfortunately already tainted.

Listening via social media is another effective way a corporation can improve their customer service experience. How so?

·         Research has shown that almost 50 percent of online customers expect to receive service or assistance through social mediums such as Facebook.

·         Most customers base buying decisions on whether or not they feel the company cares about them. So if your customer tries to communicate via social media and you ignore it, you’re essentially rolling out the welcome mat for your competition.

At the end of the day, this poises your company as a truly powerful support center for customers. With e-commerce changing the way customers desire to communicate, it’s clear that corporations need to develop a variety of effective technological and social media techniques to meet evolving customer service demands and preferences.

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