Powerful Statistics Prove the Value of Seamless, Integrated Multi-Channel Service

According to a recent survey conducted by marketing technology provider Neolane and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), companies should be neck deep in their mission to make customers feel like they are the highest priority. In fact, 77 percent of survey respondents said that real-time personalization is highly important for driving their customer satisfaction strategy.The study further expressed that 43 percent of those surveyed defined real-time marketing as “dynamic, personalized content delivered across channels.” Let’s decipher that.“Dynamic” and “personalized” content refers to companies reaching out to specific clients in order to make them feel like number one. “Across channels” is a key phrase that refers to multiple vessels of communication. Statistically speaking, 80 percent of companies believe that delivering personalized content in e-mail is highly important, 69 percent via the Web, 53 percent on mobile devices, 49 percent at the call center, 49 percent at the point of sale and 45 percent via social channels. Yet, there is a discrepancy between statistics and actual usage.Despite these numbers, it appears that few companies take advantage of this invaluable information. In fact, while almost half (49 percent) of marketers are planning for real-time cross channel marketing, only 29 percent are actually doing it.This is where Vocalcom can step in.This inconsistency is a reflection of marketers’ and companies’ concerns about real-time marketing and the obstacles they may face. Channel integration becomes crucial in order to master the multi-channel customer experience. The complexity of these real-time marketing tactics oftentimes scare off companies, but what they don’t know is that Vocalcom fills this specific niche. Our call center solutions are designed to deliver pristine service through e-mail, chat, social media and more, offering today’s most seamless and integrated multi-channel experiencewithout skipping a beat.With 67 percent of companies believing they will see increased customer satisfaction and 60 percent predicting increased customer retention, the difficulties that accompany these common concerns should be null.

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