Predictive Dialers Key in Relationship Marketing

Contemporary poet Mary Oliver once said, “To pay attention – this is our endless and proper work.” It’s safe to say Oliver would have been a proponent of the business strategy that has recently risen to the forefront: relationship marketing. Your customers want to be recognized and made to feel that their questions are important. As a business, your endless and proper work is to pay attention to your customers. And in order to build relationships that address your customers’ needs, it is essential to understand the best methods to employ.A recent study conducted by InsideSales.com reports that too many companies are failing to effectively leverage their lead generation methods in ways that promote relationship marketing. While it’s easy to send out an e-mail blast or Twitter update for thousands of readers to access immediately, such methods lack a certain personality that customers crave. The key to successful business interactions is maintaining personal, ongoing and relationship-oriented communication with customers, rather than taking what many would consider an easy way out.But who says the easy way has to be social media? The study continued to reveal that only one-third of businesses consistently utilize telemarketing, a strategy that continues to prove its positive effects. Compared to field sales methods, telemarketing was found to reach six times more customers, and at a fraction of the cost per contact. Furthermore, if implemented effectively, it allows for person-to-person connections and personalized customer relationships. These are the kinds of interactions that establish and upkeep your business’s good name – not to mention keep customers coming back to you.Vocalcom’s predictive dialer software has been helping businesses devote their time and attention to customers for more than a decade. To get the most out of this service for your relationship marketing strategy, click here.

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