Preparing for the Next Wave of the Customer Revolution

By 2016, more than one-third of all inbound customer service calls will come from smartphones, according to Forrester Research. Is your call center ready for that much customer power?

One way to prepare is by adding a cloud contact center solution to your mix. With a cloud-based solution, companies can:

  • Meet customer service growth goals without adding to their budget
  • Increase their call center’s footprint without adding physical space
  • Hire based on experience rather than location, as well as reorganize agents to best meet theirs and their customers’ needs
  • Scale up without increasing the their carbon footprint
  • Reduce operational expenses

In a separate recent survey, Frost & Sullivan found that 30 percent of call center managers are currently using a hosted or cloud contact center solution; meanwhile, 25 percent plan to use one in the next 18 months. That’s a significant jump, and it shows that more and more brands are looking for the operational efficiency and call center flexibility that a cloud solution provides.

With spending still tighter than ever, companies need options that will enable them to keep moving forward at a quick, competitive pace without budgetary restrictions slowing them down. Leveraging the power of the cloud can provide that opportunity.

Additionally, many organizations that use a cloud-based solution have reported seeing improved metrics, including increases in agent productivity, single-call resolution and customer engagement and loyalty. 

With a cloud contact center, there’s no need to worry about new smartphone upgrades, either. Cloud contact center solutions are always up to date with the latest technology, and updates are conducted behind the scenes so that your business is never interrupted.

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