Prioritize Key Customers with Predictive Dialer Software

Customers are constantly bombarding companies with questions. We know that this is old news (it has been happening since the dawn of time). The notable difference is that today, customers require and demand this immediate customer service through more than one channel of communication. In fact, the number of companies handling more than 25 percent of customer service inquiries over social media has risen from nine percent to 18 percent. With so many different inquires coming in from more than one channel, companies are frantically searching for innovative new ways to quickly and efficiently handle customer service requests based on their priority.This is where predictive dialer software comes into play. Vocalcom recommends this software as a way to drive revenue growth, as well as lower the cost-of-sales. The technology enables companies to drastically increase live contacts and sales by as much as 300 percent. This is made possible by combining three things: service, support and customization capabilities.This unique set of features is meant to make it easier than ever to customize and meet the specific needs of your company and, of course, reach targeted customers by making it a top priority above all else.Empowered with Vocalcom’s predictive dialer software, companies can make the most of every single interaction that takes place. And as we all know, optimized customer interactions means greater profit. Click here to learn more about the different types of software Vocalcom provides that can turn even the most bombarding customer into a truly loyal one.

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