Pulling Back the Curtain on Today’s Top Predictive Dialer Myths

We all like debunking myths – like humans only use 10 percent of their brains (when we use much more) or that eating right before you swim is dangerous (when in actuality, it’s completely fine). When it comes to contact center solutions, the predictive dialer – technology that increases call productivity in the outbound sales process – has gotten some attention for things that may or may not be fictitious. Let’s pull back the curtain on some of them today.

Myth #1: Highly Expensive

For smaller companies, purchasing this platform may seem too risky due to high costs and limited budgets; however, in reality, there is no capital investment needed when buying this technology – usually only a manageable, monthly fee. This offering is also well-known for being able to flexibly accommodate companies’ individual needs – including size.

Myth #2: Require Expertise

 It seems more than logical to think that when investing in a technology, you’ll need the expertise to keep it going. So, that mentality mandates you know how to use a predictive dialer. But with the advent of cloud telephony, a hosted alternative allows companies to enjoy the advantages of the technology without needing to install, maintain or monitor any physical hardware. Everything is taken care of for you by your provider, meaning no expertise is needed.

Myth #3: A Dialer is a Dialer

No, not all dialers are created equal. If you wouldn’t buy filet mignon from Walmart’s grocery aisle, why would you settle for a run-of-the-mill dialer? When looking to invest in a provider, keep an eye out for someone who offers unmatched customer service, a trusted customer-base and award-winning technology.

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