Pusula Call Center Taps Vocalcom’s Predictive Dialer to Drive Sales

As a company’s needs change—whether that means expanding a suite of offerings, targeting a new niche market or scaling or downsizing—it is imperative that technology keeps up. Because technology that won’t grow alongside your business is technology that will surly cripple you at some point.

For Turkish-based call center Pusula—which has a call center agent base of 300—that was the exact problem the company found itself in when the call center solutions offering it had previously been using could not meld to address Pusula’s new needs.

“We benefited from the previous solution for a significant amount of time, but later on our needs changed,” explains Kemalettin Sahin, owner and general manager of the call center in a case study video. “We had to start a proactive sales business. Because of our need for a powerful dialer, we chose Hermes.Net.”

Vocalcom’s Hermes.Net is an integrated multi-channel, multi-tenant contact center solution providing a variety of features from IP telephony to ACD to call recording to traditional telephony features to an advanced predictive dialer. Some of the chief benefits of the Hermes.Net solution include the following:

  • Saves time by centralizing the software on a single application server
  • Reduces the cost of ownership by being able to carry out changes on a single server
  • Simplifies IT management as it is not necessary to carry out changes, upgrades or installations on individual’s PCs thanks to one central application server

But for Pusula, the capabilities afforded by Vocalcom’s predictive dialer were the icing on the cake.

“We paid attention to two subjects,” Sahin says. “First, past experiences of the vendor in technology and references and second the solutions and references in Turkey. Those days Vocalcom was rather new in the Turkish market. But, we are a technology firm and we had to take risks and we are glad that we have taken the risk.”

Since deploying Hermes.Net, Pusula has seen its business improve greatly. With the help of the predictive dialer, its sales have increased and there has been an improvement in the total performance of the call center system thanks to the ease of use of the solution. The call center has been able to generate and collect customized reports and evaluate ways to improve efficiencies.

“The product has proved itself during this period of time,” Sahin says.”…the product is a part of our family.”

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