Quick Tips for Boosting Mobile Customer Engagement

Mobile usage is rapidly growing among consumers. In fact, it’s growing to a point that the consumer will soon not just use a smartphone to make product inquiries and purchases; it will evolve into a solid form of engagement, as well. This movement is already well on its way to fruition. According to Pew Research, two-thirds of customers now use their mobile device to make purchasing decisions.

This growth calls attention to the need for strong mobile support in your call center customer engagement strategy. Simply put, encouraging continuous interaction encourages more business. Here are four quick tips for fostering this conversation with your consumers.

Create a singular and transferable online aesthetic

Improve the functionality of a website so that it works equally as seamlessly on a mobile device as it does on a computer; this familiarity will inevitably ease the consumer’s transition between devices.

Create an application for mobile devices and tablets 

By creating a user-friendly and user-ready interface for your company that is specifically streamlined for smartphones and tablets, a company can not only increase traffic and time spent on its website, can actually earn real estate on a consumer’s device. In a way, this is the new prime shelf-space that is fought for in brick and mortar shops.

Create a space for interaction

It may seem like a self-explanatory suggestion, but be sure to integrate an easy approach for customer interaction. Many innovative yet simple routes can be taken to support this, such as links to click on that make e-mailing from a device simple, as well as the incorporation of live chatting via the mobile device.

Create a space for quick comparison

Nearly one-quarter of mobile commerce shoppers use their device to compare products and prices. By making this readily available, it will help create a trust with the consumer by making their life that much easier.

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