Quick Tips for Keeping a Smile on Your Customer’s Face

Every call center is swimming neck deep in a sea of customer engagement strategies, methods and approaches – some of which work better than others and some that don’t work at all. We all know that great customer service – supported by great call center software – is the foundation of any flourishing organization. Every manager or decision maker looking to make a true impact on the quality of their service knows that their consumers would be willing to spend more in order to receive better service. So, what’s the problem? In an effort to answer the age-old question of what makes superior customer service actually superior, here are a few tips that can help keep things fresh:

Get an App: Research shows that 72 percent of consumers view a company or brand more favorably if they have a customer service app.

Get Social: Companies that maintain a strong and communicative social media presence experience far more customer retention than those who don’t. Sixty-two percent of consumers have used social media specifically for customer service issues – be present to address their problems.

Improve FCR: By improving your first call resolution (FCR) strategy by even 1 percent, your call center can see an extra $276,000 in annual operational savings. Small changes can make an unbelievably big impact on your bottom line. And let’s not forget that a FCR strategy is first and foremost focused on the customer experience.

Reward your staff: Your customers are only going to be as happy as the agents who are handling their calls. Engaged, knowledgeable employees not only deliver better customer service, but research shows that they close an average of 33 percent more deals. Give your agents a reason to happily serve their customer-base.

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