Are You Reaching All the Customers You Can? How Twitter Can Help

Your business wants to lock in sales and directly engage with its consumers. You’re analyzing critical data, tracing whole calls and investing in high-tech agent software…but are you paying enough attention to Twitter? With over one billion new tweets every week, over 200 million users and 450,000 new accounts opening every day, it is clear that right now consumers are flocking to one of the world’s largest social media platforms like never before. And your business should be doing the same.

Some of today’s top brands are soaring all thanks to Twitter. Don’t believe us? Here’s one example of how an international film distributor is using Twitter to garner attention and increase profit.


International film producer Paramount was looking for a way to increase the attention it was receiving, bolster its brand and drive consumers to the weekend opening of the movie Super 8. As it turns out, Twitter was the solution. Through the utilization of two promoted trends informing users about a sneak preview of Super 8, people inevitably began talking. This ultimately resulted in generating $1 million thanks to these quick and easy sneak previews—not to mention a 52 percent more profitable opening weekend.

For those in the contact center industry, there is a plethora of exciting and revolutionary solutions that can help you reach this paramount status (pun intended). For example, ask yourself how your virtual call center software integrates Twitter into its operations. In part two of this series, we’ll detail yet another example showing how you can do the same for your company.


Online marketplace Etsy, which specializes in handmade, vintage and craft items available through its individual shops, was having a problem. The company needed a way to increase website traffic in order to augment sales and build a following of loyal customers. As a solution to this problem, Etsy began to ask individual sellers to link its shops to Twitter by adding a tweet and follow button on its store’s homepage. As a result, the brand enjoys approximately 1.3 million tweets per month. Not only this, but it experiences about 825,000 clickbacks to its website every month, gaining 200,000 Twitter followers during the process.

This type of scenario can very easily translate to the contact center industry. Looking to promote that 30-day free trial on your renowned hosted call center solution? Done. Trying to showcase the unique differentiators of your disruptive, cloud-based offering to a mass amount of people? Easy.


Men’s fashion e-store Bonobos needed to find a way to make room for a new line of inventory while also encouraging customers to purchase its signature brand of chinos. By putting an exclusive sale on Twitter, users were able to retweet the sale offer in exchange for a discount upon reaching a certain number. By doing so, Bonobos got 100 new first time buyers. Not only this, but the company experienced a 1,200 percent ROI that was 13 times more cost effective than other marketing efforts previously tried by the company.

For the contact center, social media sites like Twitter enable you to automatically integrate and manage all inbound and outbound interactions on any channel that your customer desires to use. So when a customer posts on Facebook, you can then target them through Twitter—and vice versa. But most important of all, you will never miss out on customer communication.

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