Part 1 – Recognizing the Need for Next-Generation Hosted Offerings

Here at Vocalcom, we understand that as your businesses grows, so does your need for technology that helps achieve your objectives in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. That’s exactly why we bring our advanced, cloud-based call center solutions to the table.

As part of our goal to provide next-generation products, Vocalcom’s Hermes Cloud software is equipped with a comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard. At a very competitive cost, you can experience all the benefits of this robust, cloud-based technology for optimal organization and improved overall operations. And what do these things equate to? Augmented sales.

So how does our technology stand apart from the rest?

Simplified Agent Management

First, the centralized nature of Hermes Cloud enables executives to more simply and proficiently manage their agents. Users can adeptly navigate and access agent queues and detailed digital profiles with ease. The dashboard also allows users to actively keep track of agent performance and group them by skill set. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, executives can even schedule their agents’ coffee and lunch breaks.

Craft Unprecedented Inbound Call Campaigns

Our hosted predictive dialer will also help you create inbound call campaigns. The dashboard provides users with the option to structure the hours of and activate the call campaign in an orderly fashion. Most importantly, it allows executives to ideally assign agents to the campaign in order with their skills. Users create agent queues by establishing specific minimum and maximum skill levels. For example, campaigns requiring multimedia expertise will group knowledgeable agents with related television and camera experience. Once in contact, agents also have the capability of creating a new customer contact profile.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we’ll detail yet another two features that make our technology stand apart. In the meantime, watch the demo of how to effectively supervise agents, create inbound call campaigns and more by watching the video here. To learn about our digital cloud call center offerings, hosted predictive dialer technology and more, click here.

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