Part 2 – Recognizing the Need for Next-Generation Hosted Offerings

In a world where technology is constantly developing and advancing at full speed ahead, businesses clearly don’t want to find themselves behind the curve. Before you break into a sweat, remember that Vocalcom is here to help.

Our innovative hosted predictive dialer solution is designed to meet your need for next-generation technology. For an affordable cost, our Hermes Cloud software will enable you to organize and operate your facility at unmatched levels. To get the job done, it features a wide and diverse range of advanced tools within its all-inclusive dashboard system.

So, how do we manage to bring you the very best technology? Here are two ways we accomplish this?

Seamlessly Track Client Feedback

Among its chief benefits, the navigable Hermes Cloud technology allows users to easily track client feedback. During and after their discussions with customers, agents can write notes and suggestions on the call profile. With a record of qualification comments, businesses are able to review past calls and better suited to improve their performance in the future.

Extraordinary Workplace Collaboration

Another key element of the dashboard is the way it supports advanced collaboration. With the ability to manually call colleagues and customers with ease, users have the option of employing the transfer and conference call features as a way to foster increased cooperation and teamwork. Improved communication and stronger partnerships are sure to motivate agents to contribute their highest level of work.

Get ahead of the curve with our solution that promises to deliver results. Watch a demo of how to make an outbound call as an agent, inbound call as a new contact and more by watching the video here. To learn more about our digital cloud call center offerings, hosted predictive dialer technology and more, click here.

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