Reduce Waiting Time: 60 Percent of Customers Hold for Less Than One Minute

When a customer reaches out to a company for customer service, spending time on hold during a phone call feels much longer than it actually is. In fact, an AT&T survey revealed that for customers, a simple 30-second hold came across as if it had lasted for 90 seconds. Seeing how almost 60 percent of customers are unwilling to wait on hold for more than 60 seconds, it’s absolutely crucial for telemarketing firms to to minimize the chances of a customer needing to wait at all.

How can this be accomplished? One simple and effective way is by using telemarketing software that supports more than one method of communication. For example, consider software that supports mobility and live chat.

With mobile phone use on the rise, customers are able to reach out to companies at practically any moment to find the information and answers they’re looking for. Your organization needs to ensure that its website is not just desktop-friendly, but mobile-friendly, as well.

Additionally, mobile phones are designed to not just make phone calls and surf the Internet, but also to access social media channels. Since customers are usually opposed to being put on hold, they may be more inclined to utilize other means of communication like social media networks. Leading telemarketing software has evolved to support social use and integration.

Live chat is yet another method clients might use in an effort to avoid being put on hold while they search for answers. Live chat is a simple and effective way for companies to provide quality customer service to clients who want answers quickly and efficiently.

Remember, inbound telemarketing campaigns are the most effective. When you wait for a customer to contact you, you’ll be more likely to make the sale. Live chat is an incredibly easy way for customers to take that first step to initiate a conversation with a telemarketing agent.

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