Relying on Data-Driven Decision Making in the Call Center

Today’s heavy technological reliance is no longer tied to smartphones and phablets; it’s spilled over into the job market in a very significant way. How so? Four words: Data-driven decision making.

A major detriment to any contact center is poor employee retention so, needless to say, any tool that can help heighten retention should be considered. As a solution to this ever-growing business need, data-driven decision making has been proven an effective screening tool, specifically in the initial weeding out steps of the hiring process. Consider that of the close to 60 percent of Americans that work hourly positions, about half change his or her position every year, according to data from Evolv, a recruitment and workplace monitoring company.

The solution is simple – employ a more effective hiring process.

While it might seem cold to use a robot to do a job that has been traditionally reliant on human interaction, it in fact helps eliminate many human factors that may hinder a successful hire. According to the Josh Bersin, founder of research and consulting firm Deloitte, talent analytics are no longer the end-all for hiring. In fact, they only provide a 75 percent correct result when it comes to the people that companies are on-boarding.

By utilizing data-driven responses of a carefully built screening process, more effective employees can be hired. An employee that is well suited for his or her job is more likely to be productive and enjoy the position, leading to both better customer service and a higher likelihood of remaining at his or her position (which also means long-term cost savings for you).

What do you foresee being the future of hiring? Click here to learn more about technology for empowering your contact center staff – or potential hires – from cloud contact center software to mobile, digital and social tools.

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