Research Points to a Complete Cloud Takeover by the End of Next Year

When it comes to maintaining the speed, reliability and efficiency needed for today’s fast-paced business climate, enterprises are turning to the cloud.

Leading market research firm Infonetics issued a report of a study showing that not only is cloud use by businesses growing exponentially, but that 100 percent of enterprises will be making use of the cloud by 2014.

The report, “Cloud Service Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey,” found that:

  • Currently, 91 percent of businesses interviewed made use of cloud services – a figure that will grow to 100 percent by the end of 2014.
  • Application performance and managing costs – two categories vital for effective call center solutions – are the leading drivers when a company chooses to utilize the cloud.
  • New vendors may come to dominate the cloud landscape in key technology deployment areas in the near future, replacing the one-size-fits-all offerings of the current industry giants.

The call center market is proving the perfect environment in which to utilize cloud technology. Cloud-based call centers allow businesses to meet their customers’ needs quickly, smoothly and most importantly of all, reliably.

Not only does such technology allow better management of overall operations, (no matter the number of call centers your company maintains) but does so at a lower cost and without relying on hardware that will soon be outmoded or need to be replaced due to breakage. Without such migration costs, businesses find they have more available capital to grow. Dreams of expansion are no longer unattainable and cloud technology is no longer an idea rooted somewhere in the future.

It is here now, waiting to be explored by your company and available to increase your profits. To learn more about cloud call center solutions, click here.

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