Revitalizing the Contact Center with a CRM Software Solution

In business-client relations, contact centers are often the hub within a company which makes the most direct contact with customers. Contact center employees are in a position that requires handling tremendous amounts of data regarding their customers, timing customer service efficiently, and representing the brand in a professional and knowledgeable manner. These employees therefore need access to data-rich software which may enable them to interact with customers in the most efficient way possible.

CRM, or customer relationship management, software allows employees to manage both current and prospective customers from a centralized platform. Agents are able to access records and navigate information from any web browser or mobile device using this cloud computing solution, which makes it truly critical to the sales process. For example, agents may interact with and manage current customers by handling pre-sales queries, accessing transaction history, processing orders, issuing credits or checking warranties, and handling post-sales services. With CRM software, agents may rest assured that they have the most recently updated, accurate customer data before them. Furthermore, agents may engage in cross-selling, as valuable information on the customers’ buying habits and preferences provide excellent opportunities for offering additional products or services while marketing employees may use this information in future advertising campaigns to create targeted offers for both current and prospective customers.

CRM software is equally valuable to the customer service experience, as agents can quickly access open customer service cases to resolve problems. Agents may track and record the progress of an open case and may quickly and efficiently transfer cases to other agents who are better equipped to provide a resolution when necessary. The centralized database allows employees across departments to access customer information, preventing the need to ask customers the same questions over and over again and providing a better customer engagement experience. Ease and efficiency therefore foster greater brand loyalty and customer retention. The customer will feel that every service interaction is personalized, and that the agents are knowledgeable and able to save everyone time and frustration. In addition, contact center agents are better able to communicate with other colleagues through the platform, syncing calendars to Outlook or Google, engaging in chats regarding customer and company developments, and enabling status updates on customer cases involving multiple agents.

CRM software solutions are the backbone of a successful contact center, fueling both sales and customer service engagement. Vocalcom offers a powerful solution with its Salesforce CRM partnership, ensuring excellent productivity, interoperability, and efficiency. To learn more about Vocalcom’s partnership with the world’s most powerful CRM solutions provider, visit www.vocalcom.com.

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