Revolutionizing the Virtual Call Center Experience

For an industry that keeps customer service top of mind (which should really be every industry), it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in the field. This is especially true of call centers, as one’s experience within the call center can have a direct impact on the continuation of the customer relationship. So, how do you ensure a positive call center experience? By creatively combining new technological innovations with existing call center capabilities. 

Amazon is a key example of this. The brand is now using a new application on its Kindle Fire e-reader that it calls a “Mayday” button. As its once simple product transformed into more of a tablet to remain competitive with others in the space, more questions arose and the need for customer service increased. To better interact with customers, the “Mayday” button can now be pressed, which opens up a live video conference with a customer support representative who will be able to answer questions and help navigate any issues that might be encountered when using the device.

By creatively evaluating its existing product and identifying room for improvement, Amazon was able to eliminate a full step that the customer used to have to go through to contact the brand. Where in the past, a customer would have to find a phone number, call the company and most likely sit on hold, he or she can now simply press a button on the same device that would have otherwise remained unused. This will undoubtedly create a more satisfied customer base, as contact is made easier and, with video chat, more personal.

With widespread mobile adoption, the Internet is now in the majority of customers’ pockets or backpacks, giving any creative virtual call center infinite possibilities to improve the customer experience – even with simple application development.

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