Sabesp chooses Vocalcom among more than 10 contact center solutions

Sabesp Chooses Vocalcom

Sabesp is a Brazilian dealership sanitation services for water and sewage, located in São Paulo, Brazil. Being a mixed economy company, traded, the company has shares traded on the stock exchange of São Paulo and New York and its major shareholder is the government of the State of São Paulo.This company operates water and sewage services since its founding in 1973 in more than 400 municipalities in the state of São Paulo including the state capital. More than thirty million inhabitants are benefited by care services for water and sewage and it is considered the sixth largest operator of its kind in the world.Recently, Sabesp realized a tender for the acquisition of contact center solution and Vocalcom was the winner. It was chosen among more than 10 companies contact center solutions.The project in Sabesp, the Vocalcom participates, aimed at modernizing and improving the care of the center for more than 30 million customers through a unified platform 360 degrees Vocalcom Hermes.Net. In addition to voice, will be used all multimedia channels such as chat, email, sms and social networking technology with unified line of care in remote PAs.Will be replaced in central and remote stores the two CRMs on premise systems, to the CRM solution Vocalcom with over 300 screens and communication by web-server with low and high Sabesp platform.Today Sabesp’s call center has an average of 28,000 calls/ day (24 X 7 service), with Vocalcom’s IVR surveys technology the retention automated call handling (not going to the operator) will reach 40% volume. This will further improve the level of Sabesp call center service, which is already recognized for its excellence.

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